Beach Balm and the lesser known benefits of zinc oxide

We are thrilled to release our latest creation! Those of you who have been with us from the beginning might recall one of our best sellers from back in our first year of business; the beach balm. We have remastered this antioxidant rich body balm and are offering it for a limited time at our market stand at the Shelburne farmers market.

I’m sure some if not most of you can relate to feeling emotionally attached to a scent and the joy that comes from using a product that not only gets the job done but also evokes positive emotions. Back in our blissfully ignorant teenage days Whitney and I were obsessed with the scent of bath and body works Tahiti sweetie lotion and would slather it on all summer long. When we realized how harmful products like this lotion were  it was a bit sad to let them go but it has been a true motivating force for us as a company to create products that are more than just safe and effective. The remastered beach balm is a home run for us with an intoxicating tropical scent with notes of coconut, blue tansy and wild orange.

When you truly enjoy using a product you will be consistent with it and consistency is key in getting results. It’s like buying a treadmill because you know it’s good for you to get exercise but then never using it or buying a natural cream that is healthy but not particularly enticing to you so you use it a few times and forget about it. You may have good intentions when purchasing these health promoting items but they will be of no use to you if you do not truly enjoy them. We believe we are here to enjoy life. You don’t need settle for things that don’t make you feel good just because they are healthy. You can have both health and luxury, they are not mutually exclusive.

Most people know of Zinc Oxide’s ability to block UVA and UVB rays, but much less often do we hear about the other benefits it can provide. Zinc is necessary for the synthesis of collagen, a key substance needed to maintain skin’s youthful appearance. This also means it helps speed the healing of minor skin wounds (think scratches, bug bites etc. that we are prone to in the summer months). It also helps treat and heal rashes, sunburn and other irritations due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Zinc can also help increase the amount of other active ingredients that are absorbed into the skin when used in conjunction with them. There are many more benefits, but these are the ones that compelled us to include zinc in the formulation of the Beach Balm.